The City of Kenosha Mayor’s Arts Commission Proposal

As readers may remember, back in October ExposeKenosha met with Mayor Bosman to do an interview and talk with him about his campaign proposal of an Arts Commission backed by the city.

He was still very interested in this original idea and the last month and a half has been spent creating said proposal, doing research on Arts Commissions in Wisconsin cities and other cities, and talking with people throughout Kenosha including the leaders of the institutions, Kenosha Area Business Alliance, Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, the musician’s organization that has recently been created, the artists’ community, and politicians.

The overwhelming reaction has been positive and the hope is that a commission backed by the city will not only help in supporting the arts but also in developing first downtown and then other parts of Kenosha into the best arts and entertainment districts they can be.

There is also hope that, with a clear agenda and mission statement already laid out, this commission will escape the fate of so many groups that have come before where unstructured conversation continues for months until members give up and leave.

Businesses, like Jockey and Snap-On, were contacted, all the major institutions, including KUSD, were contacted, and city businesses and arts organizations that are in existence were contacted. Again, the overwhelming response has been excitement and positivity.

However, now that the proposal is on Mayor Bosman’s desk, he wants to hear what YOU, the reader, have to say – both the good and the bad. The Mayor is welcoming email comments directly to him at

The proposal, which is available for everyone to read, is available HERE.


3 thoughts on “The City of Kenosha Mayor’s Arts Commission Proposal

  1. Awesome concept. Kenosha has such a vibrant arts community… It’s time to unify the efforts to protect the arts and help them to thrive.

    • I applaud the action that have begun for the Kenosha area. and it is indeed a beginning. As I have said on many occasions “The area needs to be developed as a whole not as individual cities but as a geographical area. Including the likes of Lake County to our south.

      It is true we must first start within and work our way out, but the seeds must be included in the plan. Art Matters have brought this up and it still needs to be addressed.

  2. Bravo, Mayor Bosman and ExposeKenosha!
    A balance of public and private support of ARTS and cultural endeavors is vital to transitioning Kenosha to the new economy. Financial support is certainly necessary, but a supportive “attitude” in government will make a huge impact in how decisions are made. Cities that “get it” by leveraging the arts and creative industries to do economic development will be poised to attract business, technology and tourism far into the future.

    Kenosha has fantastic natural amenities and friendly people. With the ARTS being a fundamental part of our City’s plan…from art education in all schools to public art initiatives…we will continue to be a sought-after community in which to live, work and play.

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