The Kal Bergendahl Project

The Kal Bergendahl Project will be celebrating “Christmas at Carolyn’s” a jazzy Christmas concert this Sunday December 19th, 1-3pm at Carolyn’s Coffee Connection. Click HERE for more information.

The Kal Bergendahl Project (KBP) is a group of several diverse and talented musicians spanning from Milwaukee to Chicago. The group’s founder and bassist, Kal Bergendahl, embarked on this project venturing to combine smooth, edgy jazz with soulful pop music in 2005.

KBP steps into the worlds of vocal jazz and pop, as well as instrumental jazz (both traditional and smooth). The group’s sounds are reminiscent of Diana Krall and Kirk Whalum on the jazz side and Norah Jones, Maroon 5 and John Mayer on the pop side. With the unique and interesting blend of musical variety, KBP have created a musical setting that has attracted a wide audience and diverse fan base. This has given them the ability to perform at a wide range of musical venues.

Because of the group’s diversity they can customize their live show to best suit a given venue/audience. KBP gives Kal and the other members the opportunity to take the next step in their playing and creativity. “I wanted to have a group which has the ability to have any member lead, either instrumentally or vocally,” he explains. “Even though I am the leader I pass around the melodies to everyone. My purpose is to bring two audiences together, the jazz and pop audience and expose them to the music they may not be as familiar with.”

For Booking Information please contact: 262.344.1347 or


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