KUSD Becomes Sponsor of BeExposed! Program

Dr. Wells, the Fine Arts Coordinator for KUSD, began working for the district in 1979 after growing up in Kenosha and attending KUSD himself.  Over the past year, Dr. Wells has been watching as ExposeKenosha and its program, BeExposed!, have grown. He saw an opportunity for KUSD students – one that the district cannot offer – the chance to perform and showcase their work outside of Unified venues. 

“This is a great way for the community to learn what is going on in KUSD’s Fine Arts programs and for the students to have a chance to see and hear their work outside of school.” 

In December, BeExposed! featured various student musicians and artists for their first showcase.  January’s BeExposed! program featured the artwork of K-5th grades across the district.  February will feature Middle School art; March will feature High School art; April will probably be the month that KUSD art takes over a window in downtown Kenosha.  Each month there are volunteer student musicians from KUSD High Schools who perform both solo and in groups.  Dr. Wells works with school directors to see who is ready and able to perform at these events. 

“This is one step away from what you will need to do if you want to perform professionally or semi-professionally,” he explains, “so it’s a great way for them to try it out and learn hands-on.” 

The feedback so far, from parents, students and the community, has been great; “students are thrilled at this opportunity to showcase their work outside a Unified venue.” 

What does the future hold?  “We are feeling our way along.  The music and art are going great; now we will see about the possibility of adding in literary and performing arts as time goes on.  BeExposed! is our first step in collaborating with the community and hopefully our first step toward collaboration with other businesses as well.” 

Welcome aboard Kenosha Unified!


One thought on “KUSD Becomes Sponsor of BeExposed! Program

  1. I write a weekly music column for the Kenosha News. Please keep me on your email list, preferably at least a week in advance of programs. Thank you.

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