BeExposed! Presents Serita Cheeks

On Friday, February 18, we are excited to introduce guitar soloist, Serita Cheeks.  Serita has been playing guitar for ten years and songwriting for the last nine.  She participated in a band for the past two and a half years, but has moved on to performing solo because, “I just knew it was time to dive into my own stuff.” 

Serita Cheeks performing with the Kal Bergendahl Project at Carolyn’s Coffee Connection

Trained at the Living Light School of Worship, Serita has connected with other music students from all over the world.  Those connections led to a Europe trip and performance last summer; and an upcoming return to England and Germany this summer.  “My music was well received in Germany and I was offered an open invitation to come back and play and sell my CD.”

Serita’s first CD was just created and will be released in March at Living Light Christian Church.  Her music is “soul and pop” – a mix between John Mayer and India Arie.  Serita has played all over southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois as well as Europe.  We are excited to have her come and perform for us at BeExposed!


One thought on “BeExposed! Presents Serita Cheeks

  1. Wow, will definitely be there for this BeExposed!

    I cant believe how far Kenosha has come, honestly thought you still had to drive to a big city to see such a performance.

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