Martin Antaramian’s ‘Dionysus’ . . .

Photo-credit MIKASI

“…This is the Greek God of wine, Dionysus, made almost entirely out of wine bottles. In the center of his chest is a bottle of King Louis the XIII Cognac to represent his heart. It is one of the finest liquors in the world and I could think of nothing more deserving for the heart of the god of wine. The wine bottles were cut using a wet tile saw, and then glued together with epoxy.

While many of the bottles used were chosen for shape, others were chosen because of their label; more specifically, because I associate that particular wine or liquor with a person close to me in my life. The three most important are a bottle of Mansinthe (for my older sister, who is more like a twin) a bottle of Silverado (for my cousin Peter, who died of cancer) and the bottle of King Louis (for my Godfather)…”

This is Martin’s fifth and final year at UWP. He currently has applications in at graduate schools around the country in hopes of getting into an MFA program. Though he’s always been interested in art, he didn’t start taking it seriously till three years ago. He’s worked in many mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, and digital art; but sculpture is his favorite.

The Dionysus piece is part of a larger scene that I’ve been working on for my senior show which will be opening April 23rd at the Kenosha Public Museum.

“The scene consists of Dionysus and Apollo seated at a table playing chess. Dionysus represents sin as he is the god of wine, sex, and partying. Apollo represents purity as he is the god of the sun, light, and truth. The two of them playing chess represents the eternal struggle between good evil. The idea of using Greek gods to portray this came from my interest in the ancient Greek sculptures which, in my eyes, was the pinnacle of true art.”

“The fact that my work has shown in juried shows and then caught enough people’s attention that they asked me to show it at other locations is very uplifting. Making artwork has somewhat consumed my life, and I aspire to be able to make my living by selling my work.”

Dionysus is at Paperazzi (5621 Sixth Avenue. The display is part of the ExposeKenosha/UW-P joint project to bring artworks and music to Downtown Kenosha. Click HERE for more information.

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