The Art of a Strong Family

How is building a strong family like creating a beautiful painting?

Both take training, discipline, patience, imagination and effort.
Both use learned techniques and individualized approaches.
Both are colorful, unique and beautiful.
Both enhance the community.

But…unlike a beautiful painting, families are always a work in progress.
They flourish when there are people around them who care.

Take time to CARE

Create opportunities
Ø Share information on child development and appropriate discipline.
Ø Host a child or family event.
Ø Establish a parent, child or family support group.
Ø Provide parents with supportive parenting tips.
Ø Strengthen your community by getting involved.

Advocate for children and families
Ø Support Kenosha County’s Turn the Town Blue community wide child abuse and neglect
prevention campaign.
Ø Ask elected officials to support programs that support families.
Ø Support legislation that is family friendly.

Respond to the needs of children and families
Ø Believe children who report abuse.
Ø Teach children ways to be safe and how to protect themselves.
Ø Offer support to parents who are under stress by babysitting, making a meal, or just listening.
Ø Learn the warning signs of child abuse.
Ø Pay attention to who is caring for your children
Ø Report suspected child abuse.

Encourage positive growth in your community
Ø Be a nurturing parent and seek help when you need it.
Ø Be a good example.
Ø Be friendly to parents and children.
Ø Link families to community services.
Ø Show respect to all parents and children.

* This document was modified from materials produced by Prevent Child Abuse Illinois


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