art2 exhibition: BRAVO RACINE!


Sponsored by the Racine Art Guild

The theme for RAG’s 2011 Art2 project is “Bravo Racine.” Each participating artist will work with a canvas provided by the Guild at the cost of $10, and will feature your favorite location in Racine. Proceeds will benefit HALO. Pick up canvases at any of the Art Guild meetings in February, March, April, or May. The canvases are due at the June 9th Guild dinner at Wustum.

The debut of the 100 completed canvases and the first opportunity to purchase one or more of them at $20.00 each will be at the reception scheduled for First Friday on August 5 at Avenue Gallery and Frame – 402 Main Street. Canvases will also be available for purchase at the Starving Arts’ Fair on Sunday, August 7, and at various venues in Racine during the month of August, and all month long at Avenue Gallery and Frame.

First ($250.00), second ($125.00), and third ($75.00) place Peoples’ Choice selections will be presented at Avenue Gallery and Frame, September 2. Purchased canvases which are awarded by a blind draw will be available for pickup at the awards presentation.

Racine Art Guild, Inc.

Starving Artists Outdoor Art Fair
P.O. Box 1345, Racine, WI 53401-1345


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