ExposeKenosha Presents Chaz Reints: Woodworker

As you wonder through Carolyn’s Coffee Connection you see gorgeous and unique wooden boxes done by Chaz Reints. He’s always done woodworking, even building furniture.

In Illinois he has a Morton type building attached to his garage and another on the other side of town with a wood kiln. Reints buys logs from all over town and then dries them, sometimes for over a year, then bakes them and carves them. He has mechanical devices to work with, but also cuts a lot by hand. Most of his pieces are named after grandkids and kids. His company’s name, German – reflecting his heritage, is GeldbuBe Holzbearbeitung. He started making boxes about ten years ago and the charges for them cover materials and less than minimum wage per hour of work. They are quite a steal for a unique and gorgeous piece of wood! Stop in to see them soon; new pieces arriving all the time.

Carolyn’s Coffee Connection
1351-52nd Street
Kenosha, WI 53140


One thought on “ExposeKenosha Presents Chaz Reints: Woodworker

  1. chas has been a friend of mine most of my life. he has always done the finest work of anyone i know. he is a true craftman. h koenes/coon

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