Howard Brown’s Philanthropy to Kenosha Lives On: Foundation Announces Creation of the Howard J. Brown Fund

At its May meeting, the Board of Director’s of the Kenosha Community Foundation created a named endowment in honor of the Howard J. Brown – a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors for over 17 years. The endowment, to be known as the “Howard J. Brown Fund”, was established with contributions received by the foundation since Howard’s passing in April.

The Howard J. Brown Fund, like other named endowments overseen by the Kenosha Community Foundation, is part of the Foundation’s unrestricted funds. These funds are invested and the income will be used for grants to charitable organizations in the Kenosha area. Some of the grants awarded will carry the name of Howard J. Brown, along with other named funds. In this way, Howard’s philanthropy will be perpetuated in future years.

Anyone wishing to donate to the “Howard J. Brown Fund” can:

Send contributions directly to the Foundation at Kenosha Community Foundation, 600-52nd Street, Suite 110; Kenosha, WI 53140.

Contribute through the Foundation’s website at
(Click on the Donate button next to the Kenosha Community Foundation General Fund to take you to the Foundation’s Pay Pal Account. When making the contribution, add a note “for the Howard J. Brown Fund”.)

The Kenosha Community Foundation, organized in 1926 as a tax-exempt public charity, actively manages permanent endowments established by individuals, families and business organizations. As a public charity gifts to the foundation provide the maximum tax advantage to the donor and provide a cost effective method to carry out long term charitable goals.


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