2nd Saturday is Full of Fun!

This month’s 2nd Saturday includes several exciting events and participants. First of all, be sure to check out the new consignment shop, Live a Little, next door to Alpaca Art. Outside Scoops and The Downtown Toy Store, we are excited to have a fire spinner joining us as street entertainment for the evening. ArtWorks is celebrating the grand opening of their show, “We are Superheroes”, which includes several local artists as well as a second grade class project – it’s quite the show and will capture the attention of all ages. Next door to ArtWorks visit Forever Grateful who will be celebrating the Grand Opening of their new downstairs gallery space which includes local and regional artists of all mediums. They are celebrating with food and live music into the night! Lemon Street Gallery will, of course, have their gallery reception as well, so don’t forget to wander down to Union Park too! Secret Garden Café, near Library Square, will be open with live music and coffee and is the perfect meeting place for some relaxation and conversation. There is too much to miss so come out Saturday, June 11 from 6-9 and enjoy what downtown Kenosha has to offer!


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