Joshua Grabowski…

Joshua Grabowski is a self-taught visual artist from Chicago, IL. Since the days of Looney Tunes and Batman pajamas, Josh has been creating artwork with any medium on any surface. One bright, colorful day he came across a paint brush and oil paints never to put them down. After creating a few pieces only to fill the bare walls of his apartment, he decided creating art for a living was the epic journey for him.

Inspired by the beauty of each day, Josh often emphasizes heavy color saturation with a creative twist on simplicity, ornate designs, and contrasts. Passionate approach is captured whether the subject matter is portrait work, cityscapes, abstract, or whatever his heart desires.

Josh’s work has been featured in shows throughout the country, both group and solo exhibitions. Throughout the adventures of the creation process, he continues to experiment with different techniques and oil mediums but tends to stick with oil pigments. Blank canvases beware, Josh’s brushes are coming for you!

Joshua Grabowski will part of October’s BeExposed! event at Carolyn’s Coffee Connection this Friday October 21st at 6:00 pm


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