Jurga Petkus – Artist Statement

For the past seven years, my focus has changed to functional art by experimenting with textiles and silk painting. Silk painting is very relaxing to do and yet very temperamental technically. I love every thing about it – from planning the designs, the painting process, to finally watching someone wearing the creation. Silk is such a sensuous fabric; the medium naturally lends itself to wearable art. I enjoy enveloping people in one of my scarves. Silk fiber is unsurpassed in its ability to express color and allows me the freedom to create functional three-dimensional works, such as pillows and ties, and two-dimensional works, such as scarves, which can be worn, draped, or hung framed on a wall, and paintings.

My studies and experience in graphic design and advertising strongly relates to my semi abstract, illustrative style. Line, color and texture are most important elements in my art. A graphic contour line, usually in black or the natural color of the fabric, defines the shapes, colors and patterns. Color, in its myriad of hues, makes the work come alive. It sparkles, with colors and contrasts, of life in the natural world. Pattern gives visual variety. It breaks up the flatness of the color, giving the surface a rich and inviting quality.

I picture the overall image in my mind, before I go to paper and pencil. I get thematic ideas from everyday life – the simple and the casual. Things like pizza on a plate, a cat stretched lazily on a sunny carpet, a view through my window, or natural history exotica (bugs, plants and animals) are all fodder for inspiration. I am drawn repeatedly to the natural world – sea, the people and the nature, in particular. The commonality of the themes makes the images accessible to all, regardless of the viewer’s ethnic or socio-economic background. Because viewers are familiar with these everyday objects, they are willing to touch the art. I like people to feel my art emotionally as well as tactily. I enjoy the look people’s faces as they touch and try on my art.

Jurga Petkus will be part of November’s BeExposed! event at Carolyn’s Coffee Connection – Friday, November 18th at 6:30pm


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