More than Just Another Christmas Album…

“A Season Called Christmas” has a fresh new flavor that brings together the warmth of Christmas memories, a touch of cool jazz, and the novelty of a few light-hearted lyrics to deliver a dose of holiday cheer for every member of the family.

Centered around the verse of an original holiday poem written by Lee James titled “A Season Called Christmas”, this album rekindles the child-like excitement that only the start of the Christmas Season brings. With lyrical verse painting sentimental images of richly colored decorations and family togetherness, “A Season Called Christmas” flows effortlessly into Clement Clark Moore’s timeless classic, “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”, to tell a story that will be adored by the youngest of children and those of us that have stayed young-at-heart.

This two-CD volume features an endearing narration of this nostalgic holiday verse on Disc One that is woven seamlessly into a tapestry of an all-original musical score of Christmas favorites. Disc Two showcases the full-length versions of the enchanting musical selections that punctuate the prose of this one-of-a-kind poem, including the debut of the new Christmas classic “(Give Me) A Brand Old Christmas”, the Swing Band-era homage, “No Cookies & Milk (For Santa Claus)”, and the delightful Carribean-influenced “He Go to Monaco”.

Give your family and friends the gift of a new holiday tradition. Whether you are trimming your tree, gathering for a holiday party, or just putting little ones to bed, share this unique storybook verse and musical collection with the people you love this and every Christmas for years to come.

You can get the two CD’s album online, or at the following Kenosha stores:


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