Pop-Up Art Gallery in Downtown Kenosha…

KAA Pop-up Gallery

Pop-up Gallery
Noun \ˈpäp-ˌəp\ \ˈga-lə-rē, ˈgal-rē\

Ephemeral, short-lived or fleeting art gallery. Art exhibition installed in an urban space that has been donated or appropriated for a one-day art event. As in: Pop-up galleries are not boring.

Party, gathering, celebration of art.

For one night only, the first floor of the unnamed building at 5535 6th Avenue in downtown Kenosha will serve as a Pop-Up Gallery.

April 13, from 4pm-9pm

Organized by Kenosha Art Association to showcase projects organized by the organization and artworks by local artists.

Exhibition features

And more!

Contact Francisco Loyola for more information or to get involved.