“Kaleidoscope Daydreams” – Pop-Up Gallery

Tim and AshleyThe visual art of Ashley Buckiewicz and Tim Anderson will be on display on Friday,
June 14, 2014, from 6 to 10 p.m.

Ashley’s art is a mixture of realistic and semi-abstract forms that she says is inspired during those moments in which she daydreams to escape the mundane moments of daily life. With the use of flat-surfaced materials such as sandpaper, old construction blueprints, and sheet metal, she captures the organic beauty of nature that inspires her with bright bold colors. The result is unique and colorful works of art that are products of the inspiration she receives from nature and her own psyche.

Tim’s art is inspired by textures, drips, and accidental spills that enable him to create mixed layers of forms, figures, and designs. The result, he says, often occurs in forms, figures, and designs from personal dreams and the world around him. He describes the act of creating harmony between unexpected developments that occur when working with different materials as therapeutic, and the end result is a mixture of geometric symbols and fantasy-scapes interacting with real figures and settings that create simultaneous internal and external experiences for the viewer.

This Pop-Up Gallery show is presented by the Kenosha Art Association and sponsored by Kenosha Fusion. Admission is free.