Suellyn Scoon – Kenosha Pop-Up Gallery – October 11, 2014


“I was not aware that I was an artist until later in life when a car accident led me to figurative drawing.

During the long convalescence I wrote a children’s book and wanted to illustrate it. After recovery, I joined a life drawing class not realizing that meant working from a nude model. And so, out of what was a very destructive event, the most creative and fulfilling part of my life began.

From this unexpected class that was focused on the human figure, I began to see everything as a portrait; even a jar of tomatoes.

Inspiration comes to me from something seen. It triggers an intellectual response initially, but then becomes emotional when I begin to draw or paint.

My intention is to capture a particular moment in which the breath or the heat of the figure/object can be perceived by the viewer and reveals visually to them what could be called the soul. “

Suellyn Scoon Artwork will be available for sale at the Kenosha Pop-Up Gallery Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 6:00pm – 9:00pm (5715 Sixth Ave Downtown Kenosha)