New Book Features Local Writers

Bending Ligh Into Verse - Every picture tells a story

BENDING LIGHT INTO VERSE v.2 Release / Celebration Event

Sponsored by: Straylight Literary Magazine
When: Friday April 15th @ 7pm
Where: UW Parkside The Den
900 Wood Road, Kenosha, WI 53141


  • Carly-Anne Ravnikar
  • Dana Roders
  • David Tomaloff
  • Ed Makowski
  • Lisa Adamowicz Kless
  • Matt Specht
  • Nicholas Michael Ravnikar
  • Paul Scot August


Bending Light into Verse v.2 includes 17 carefully chosen writers hailing from all over the United States
and beyond: New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, Oregon, Prague, and England.

Each writer commissioned for the project was given a set of photographs and asked to write works
inspired by what they saw—be it a title, a short story, or a poem. Each of the writers gladly rose to the
opportunity and far exceeded all expectations. Every photograph was returned, each picture telling its
unique story.

Photography by: Jennifer L. Tomaloff

Writers include: Felino A. Soriano, Doug Draime, Howie Good, Matt Specht, David Tomaloff, Nic
Sebastian, Paul Scot August, Mark Lamoureux, Jason Mashak, J.D. Nelson, Helen Vitoria, Carly-Anne
Ravnikar, Lisa Adamowicz Kless, Ed Makowski, Jenny Bootle, Dana Roders, Nicholas Michael Ravnikar

For more information or to view the book:

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